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The Bootstrap VA: The Go-Getter's Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant, Getting and Keeping Clients, and More!The Bootstrap VA: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant, Getting and Keeping Clients, and More! is a 154-page, organized brain dump of everything I’ve learned and experienced (and what I wish someone had told me) over the past four years of building, growing, downsizing, and repositioning a business as a virtual assistant.

If you want to get started as a virtual assistant, you’re a go-getter looking to bootstrap your way to success, and you want to create a business that complements your life and your schedule (instead of a job you’re a slave to), this is an eBook you can’t afford to miss. The Bootstrap VA, combined with your hard work and determination, is a winning recipe for a thriving virtual assistant business you can be proud of.

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Chapter 1: Introduction - A welcome to readers, some “thank you’s” I wanted to mention, information about me and my story, why I’ve written this eBook, and asking you if this eBook is right for you.

Chapter 2: Web Working 101 - What web working is, web working myths, tools you need to get started as a web worker, establishing trust as a web worker, and quick ways to fail as a web worker.

Chapter 3: Virtual Assistant 101 - What a virtual assistant is, what a virtual assistant does, types of virtual assistants, tools and equipment a virtual assistant needs, qualities, skills, and traits of successful virtual assistants, golden rules of being a virtual assistant, virtual assistant myths, and whether or not being a virtual assistant is right for you.

Chapter 4: Creating Your Business Plan - Going over the components of your business plan, including your ideal client, your target market, your brand, choosing your services and how much to charge for them, your marketing plan, your business goals, and your business policies.

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Business Offline - Setting up a business entity, getting a business address and phone number, creating business cards, setting up financial accounts for your business, and your business taxes. Also, there’s information on protecting your business, creating systems, and documenting your business.

Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Business Online - How to best set up your website, blog, and social media outposts.

Chapter 7: Getting Clients - Red flags that a potential client is going to be trouble, offline methods for getting clients, online methods for getting clients, creating a referral machine, and the best way to seal the deal with a potential client.

Chapter 8: Working With and Keeping Clients - How to handle common tricky situations gracefully, specific ways to treat your clients like gold, and how to break up with clients the right way.

Chapter 9: How to Grow or Slow Your Business - How to grow your business by working with contractors and how to slow down your business (if you need to) the right way.

Chapter 10: Alternative Income Streams for Virtual Assistants - Information on other ways to make money as a virtual assistant, such as advertising, affiliate marketing, consulting, information products, other blogs, and speaking.

Chapter 11: Time Management for Virtual Assistants - Creating a schedule that works, how to guard your time when it comes to working with clients, and even more time management tips.

Chapter 12: Virtual Assistant Business Killers and How to Avoid Them - Common reasons why your business might fail and how to avoid them.

Chapter 13: Answers to Common Questions New Virtual Assistants Ask - General business, income, marketing, and working with clients questions – information that doesn’t fit elsewhere but that is important to mention.

Chapter 14: Interviews: Advice from Virtual Assistants - Interviews with current and former virtual assistants – Amy Lynn Andrews, Erin Blaskie, Andrea Dekker, Dawn Martinello, Ashley Pichea, and Donna Shenk.

Chapter 15: Interviews: Advice from Clients - Interviews with my past and present clients – Sandra Beckwith, David Siteman Garland, Nicole Hunn, Craig Jarrow, David Risley, and Jo-Lynne Shane.

Chapter 16: Conclusion - Next steps and how to apply the information in the eBook.

And if that wasn’t enough, with your purchase of The Bootstrap VA you also get a list of resources at the end of most chapters, a 30-day reading guide and action plan, and access to The Bootstrap VA Facebook Group (where readers can bounce ideas off of each other, ask me questions, and get the support needed no matter where you are in the process of becoming and working as a virtual assistant)!

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